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We have all heard it a thousand times, “Leads are the lifeblood of a real estate investing business”.

One of the most effective ways to capture motivated seller leads is by having a robust marketing program that includes high quality content in the form of blog articles.

The problem is…

like most busy investors you probably do not have the time to research, write, format and optimize blog posts so that they drive traffic to your website and help convert visitors to leads.

That’s where my friend Patrick Yepez and the REI Content Packs come in!

Together with his team he has created the REI Content Starter Pack.

It consist of 52 exceptionally well written and beautifully designed blog posts full of meaningful and informative content that answer the questions that motivated sellers are looking for on Google.

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These high performing blog articles will save you a ton of time from writing your own content and avoid you the headaches and costs of trying to find writers for your blog.

In a few minutes you can customize each pre-written article to your local market and business.

And then publish it as your own, without writing a single word!

The blog content packs consists of:

• 52 professionally pre-written real estate investor blog posts
• 100 attention grabbing images customized with your website’s address
• 38 beautifully designed infographics customized with your website’s address
• 10 dynamic animation videos customized with your business’ contact information
• Keyword centric topics
• Evergreen Content
• Attractive Formatting
• Hyper-Local Focus

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