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It takes a lot to sell a house. You have to choose the right home repairs in order to get the highest return for your investment. Interview and select the best agent to sell your house. Maintain an immaculate house for showings, which may include weekends and holidays. Negotiate wisely with your buyers. Open your house to home inspectors and appraisers. Deal with unexpected repair issues and be prepared for the possibility of closing delays.

All of this can be downright nerve-racking!

Besides all the above, you must avoid the 5 mistakes we’ll discuss below to keep from complicating the sale of your house, increasing the days on market and negatively affecting your home’s final sales price.

Mistake #1: Picking an agent just because he gives you the highest listing price

Picking an agent who gives you the highest listing price could be the costliest mistake you can make.

Unfortunately, some real estate agents will “buy your listing”. To get you to sign a listing, they’ll price your house higher than any other agent, even if they know that your house will not sell at the listed price.

They figure they have nothing to lose. They’ll tie up your house with an exclusive 6 or 7 month listing agreement, hoping …