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When you least expect it life can throw you a curve ball. You may find yourself in a difficult circumstance that forces you to sell your County, State home. Some common situations include:
● Divorce
● Lost job
● Illness
● Death in the Family
● Foreclosure
● Late on Your Property Taxes
● Code Violations
● Fire damage
● Water Damage
● Problem Tenant
● Employment Transfer
● House in Need of Extensive Repairs

Even under the best circumstances selling your County home can be very stressful. When you are going through difficult times, selling a County house can be overwhelming, especially if you go through a traditional sale.

You will have to:
● Interview and hire a real estate agent
● Make many repairs
● Prep and stage your home
● Make your house available for showings on evenings, weekend and holidays
● Entertain offers from unqualified or unmotivated buyers…