REI Content Starter Pack

As a wholesaler, rehabber, fix & flipper or buy & hold investor you’re busy doing what you do best, making deals. That’s why we created the REI Content Starter Pack, a collection of made for you real estate investor blog articles, that makes content marketing a breeze

Save tons of time from writing your own content and avoid the headaches and costs of trying to find writers for your blog.

In a few minutes you can differentiate the content for your website and customize each professionally pre-written article to your local market. 

Then publish it,  it‘s that easy!

Pre-written real estate investor blog posts will save you time and money

There is no other site that offers content rich blog articles and uses all the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques like we do, to help you rank well for the top keywords like “sell my house fast” and “cash for houses”.

The articles in this set are NOT fluff or mini posts.

They’re blog posts full of meaningful and informative content that your prospective customers are searching for, with an average word count of 1,005 words.

What’s more these blogs are relevant, useful and actionable and as such help you build trust and credibility with potential leads.

Most importantly, each article is aimed at increasing your Google Ranking, driving more traffic to your website and converting motivated sellers into closed deals.

Here is how you’ll benefit from the REI Content Starter Pack collection of real estate investor blog articles...

Unlike other marketing efforts such as mailing, PPC or Facebook ads that give you a one-time return, your REI Content Starter Pack will generate visitors for many years.

This content pack is guaranteed to:    

More leads in turn will inevitably produce more deals!

Ask yourself how much money you could make if you could do 2-3 more deals per month?

I’m sure you’ll agree that it could add $10,000, $20,000 or more per month in revenue to your business.

The Importance of Blogging for Your Business

For those of you that are not convinced that blogging is the most critical marketing tactic for your business allow us to share some interesting facts.

  • Businesses using blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those who don’t. (Hubspot)
  • You have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you feature a blog as part of your website (Tech Client).
  • When it comes to lead generation, content marketing produces 3X more leads than paid search. (Kapost)

If you are already blogging, congratulations! You see, the value of publishing blog posts and surely are benefiting from your blogging efforts.

But don’t stop there. Adding the REI Content Starter Pack to your existing site will give your website a noticeable boost in traffic and leadsTake note of this interesting statistic.


A 100% increase in your total blog posts increases your traffic to 300%. For example, if you have 50 blog posts with 1000 visitors a month, a total blog post increase from 50 to 100, would increase your traffic from 1000 visitors to 3000 visitors a month.

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Here’s how we create REI Content Packs that convert motivated sellers into leads…

Compelling Title

Newspaper Titles on Hand

Every blog article has a headline that has been tested on’s Headline Analyzer to optimize for word balance, length, keyword density and sentiment.

With the Headline Analyzer our intent is to immediately capture the attention of your site visitor and make your reader want to start reading your blog right away.

Keyword Centric Topics

Prior to writing each article we selected the most profitable and most commonly searched motivated-seller keywords.

We then optimized each blog article by including the primary motivated-seller keyword in the blog title, within the first 10% of the blog content and throughout the blog article.

To find the most profitable keywords we relied on a detailed study conducted by Adwords Nerds the world’s number one online REI marketing agency and the leading provider of real estate investor websites.

Their study analyzed over 3 million real estate investing specific PPC keywords and over 5,500 converted PPC leads… and distilled it down into the most profitable and relevant keywords.

We also used Google’s own keyword recommendations which Google displays when we conduct a Google search.

We found these keywords in the following two places.

1. Predictive keyword phrases that were autocompleted by Google.

Untitled design 1

2. Keywords from Google’s related searches that appeared at the bottom of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google Search

With this information, we tailored the topic of each article around the most relevant keywords to answer the questions that motivated sellers are asking to position you as the solution to their problems.


Long-Tailed Keyword

The keyword analysis above assisted us in choosing the primary keywords, nonetheless whenever possible we have gone further and created long- tailed keyword phrases that we used in the title and throughout the copy of each article. 

Why does this matter?


Since there is less competition from other websites for long-tailed keywords we can dramatically increase your ranking in organic Google Searches.

By employing this tactic we increase the likelihood that your blog article will rank higher and in turn grow the number of your site visitors.

Note: When you download your blogs you’ll see that the primary keyword phrase in each title and throughout the blog post are written in a red font color.   

Semantically Related Keywords (LSI Keywords)

With the help of LSIGraph we generated semantically related keywords which we included in each blog.

Semantically related keywords (LSI Keywords) are words or phrases related to the primary keywords.

By inserting LSI Keywords in your articles we provide more contextual background to the topic we are writing and help Google better understand what your content is about. 

Your blogs will perform better in the search results because Google will be able to make connections between your LSI Keywords, your primary keyword and your content.

Additionally, your blog posts will have a greater chance of appearing on a Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) even if, the exact keyword is not entered in the search query by your intended audience.

Here is an example of LSI keywords generated by LSIGraph for the primary keywords Sell Your House Fast.

LSI Graph 1

Internal Linking

We further boost SEO by linking the blog posts to related article within the REI Content Starter Pack. This helps Google find out which pages on your site covers similar subject matter and understand the relationship between various posts.

Example blog internal linking

Internal linking also helps in two other important ways. It introduces your readers to other relevant content within your own website and increases your reader’s time on your website. The longer you keep a site visitor on your website the higher will be your “average time on page” metric.

This is an important metric that signals to Google that the content on you website is interesting, informative and relevant. This metric will help increase the likelihood that your blog posts and website as whole will be displayed above all other content.

Note: We’ll share a mind map with you that includes all the internal and external links for each blog. We have highlighted all internal links in green so you can easily find them when you are ready to insert the appropriate hyperlink URL.


External Links

We’ve included external links to other websites in the body of most articles and when possible at the end of the article in a section we’ve titled “More Helpful Tips and Resources”.

We link externally to provide additional valuable information to your site visitors and make their site experience more rewarding.

External Hyperlink

Another reason we link externally to other high ranking websites is to show Google that you have a quality website that can be trusted to link to other great websites rather than to spammie, junk websites.

Below is an example of the external links we include at the end of many of the blogs.

More Helpful Tips And Resources For Understanding And Avoiding Closing Delays

Note: We’ll share a mind map with you that includes all the internal and external links for each blog. We have highlighted all external links in pink so you can find them easily when you are ready to insert the appropriate hyperlink URL.


Hyper-Local Focus

Map Pointer

Hyper-local focus tends to produce the fastest SEO results since competition for local searches are less competitive.

With that in mind we included your town/city in the heading, subheading or in the body of each article so that you place highly in the local search results.

Blog Formatting

Each blog post is structured so it is scannable, attractive and easy to read.

That’s why you’ll find bullet points, numbered lists, headings, subheadings, content boxes, quizzes, graphs, quotes, primary images, secondary images, gifs, infographics and CTA’s throughout the REI Content Starter Pack articles. 

This increases positive user experience and helps your SEO by assuring that your site visitor reads more of your content and stays longer on your blog post.


Blog Formatting

Attention Grabbing Images

We have included 52 distinctive primary images in the REI Content Starter Pack with the title of the article for each blog post.

We have also included a total of 48 additional images throughout the Content Pack with a distinctive message and space for your website address.

These visually appealing images will keep your readers engaged with the content of each blog and to make the blog posts easier to read.

That’s not all…

These high quality images will also help you in several other ways.

  • It helps you boost your SEO by giving you an opportunity to include your keywords in the images alt text and image file name.
  • It increases the probability that your images could be ranked first when people perform a Google image search and in this way drive additional traffic to your website.
  • It provides you with content that can be easily shared on social media and thereby drive traffic to your website.

Note: You can customize all secondary images (when necessary) with the name of your city or town and your company website address.


Infographics are the most efficient way to communicate complex information in an easy to understand manner. They increase brand awareness and display compelling and attractive graphics that engage your readers.

Each infographic is designed to complement the accompanying article and help you connect with motivated sellers.

Your REI Content Starter Pack – For Motivated Seller Leads includes at no extra cost 38 beautifully designed infographics ($3,000 Value).

Here is an example of one of the infographics that is included in your Content Packet.


Note: You can customize all the infographics with your company’s website address.

Blog Posts

What are evergreen blog posts and why are they important? Evergreen blog posts are articles that are written with topics that remain relevant long after they have been published. They’re not focused on the latest news, statistics or trends and therefore do not become dated.

All of our blog posts are created with evergreen content so you can stop relying on “hamster-wheel marketing” – marketing where you are incessantly cold calling, door knocking, driving for dollars, text messaging and posting on social media – or spending a bundle on expensive paid marketing to drive traffic to your site.

Instead post our timely and informative evergreen blog articles on your site once and get consistent website visitors for years to come.


Copy of Untitled

100% Customizable Content

You will receive the entire REI Content Starter Pack via email instantly in plain text format, along with an invitation to view a mind map with all internal and external hyperlinks for each blog.

Here’s the best part.

Our license permits you to copy, paste and use all of the real estate investor blog articles in any of your online or offline marketing materials. You can even claim the blog content as your own by labeling yourself (or another writer), as the author.

Each article is a stand-alone completely SEO optimized blog post.

Nonetheless, to avoid duplicate content issues with Google we recommend that you personalize the copy with your town/city, state, company name and contact information.

You can customize the blog posts as little or as much as you want. You may use it as a starting point to edit and change it to your heart’s content or make minor tweaks to match it to your company’s brand by reformatting the layout or replacing the images.

Then go ahead and publish a blog post every week (as your own content), for an entire year without having to give us any credit attribution.

Note: To make it easy and fast to personalize your blog post we have highlighted all the text in yellow that has to be changed to your particular town/city, company name, contact information and business process.


REI Content Starter Pack

REI Content Packs Pre-written real estate investor blog articles

The only site or service anywhere that offers content rich real estate investor blog articles and uses all the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques like we do!

How much does the REI Content Starter Pack cost ?

Before we talk about price, let’s see how much you could expect to pay for a professionally written article that is specifically crafted for the real estate investing business. Let’s look at several sites that offer copywriting services.




So what would you expect to pay for the REI Content Starter Pack, written by an active fellow real estate investor with over 30 years of real estate experience as a Real Estate Broker, Reo Specialist, Landlord, Wholesaler, Property Flipper, Builder and Developer?

52 professionally written blog articles could easily cost you as much as $10,000. Luckily, you’ll only have to pay a fraction of that.


For an investment of $298 you will get 52 professionally written real estate investor blog articles ($10,000 Value) that are highly SEO optimized and customized specifically for you as follows:

  • Expertly Written by a 30 Year Real Estate Expert
  • More than 100 attention-grabbing images to customize as needed with your company’s website address.
  • 38 beautifully designed infographics, you can customize them with your company’s website address.
  • 10 Professionally Created, Dynamic Animation Videos
  • Compelling Title
  • Keyword Centric Topic
  • Long-Tailed Keywords
  • Semantically Related Keywords (LSI Keywords)
  • Careful Formatting to Attract and Retain Your Site Visitors
  • Mind Map That Includes All the Internal and External Links for Each Blog Article
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking
  • Hyper-Local Focus
  • Evergreen Content

You’ll increase traffic to your website and convert more visitors into leads by being the go to source for answers to the questions motivated sellers are asking…

And you’ll ultimately turn new leads into clients that could increase your revenue by tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’re ready to increase your traffic, generate additional leads and close more sales click the blue button below

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