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Tag lines, catch phrases etc...

Name of Company: REI Content Packs LLC

Based out of : St Petersburg, Florida

Tag Line: "Take your real estate business to the next level."
                "REI Blogging is PROFITABLY FUN! ™"

Catch Phrases:

"REI Content Packs are a collection of done-for-you real estate blog articles exclusively created for wholesalers, rehabbers, fix & flippers and buy & hold investors."

“Ideal whether you’re just starting to blog or already have a blog on your website”

"52 Professionally Pre-Written Real Estate Investor Blog Posts"

"There is no other site that offers content rich blog articles and uses all the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques like we do."

"The REI Content Packs are guaranteed to give you an incredible SEO boost, establish you as an expert, build trust online, drive more visitors to your website and convert visitors into leads."

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Social Media Captions

It's REI Content Packs

REI Content Packs are three words, just like the above. Capitalize the REI, C and P. 





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